The all new Amplid Milligram

Amplid founder and master mind Peter Bauer has done it again!
Read my first impressions after spending some time on the new Milligram.

It is not an easy task to write a short review of a Board that has such an appealing shape and remarkable characteristics. 
After riding and touring the Milligram for a whole season in all sorts of snow conditions, it showed me one thing: a do it all board, which will but a hughe smile on your face.

The ride

Nothing less than another improvement in Board building. Camber profile for more edge hold on the way up, plus more responsive ride on the way down. Early rise nose compared with a 3D shovel, a slight swallow in the tail, the perfect amount of tapered shape, a very interesting and well balanced side cut plus set back. That makes the board really agile and gives it a unique ''surf'' feeling to ride, but when it comes to speed and long turns, the board shows another potential. The riding behavior changes from playful to a solid edge hold and more direct floating. No more burning back leg and drowning nose. The magic happens on the inside, usually carbon boards can be really snappy to ride, but not in this case. The riding is so smooth that it is really easy to forget that you are on a carbon board.  
Plus the design is super sleek and sexy.

The uphill

Walking feels comfortable and the center is balanced well. The tips come out of the snow nice and smooth when hiking up. Traversing and kick turns work well. The tilting point is placed nicely, and the tips are rising smoothly when lifting the leg.
It is almost ridiculous how light the two board halves are in uphill mode, combined with a lightweight binding. The Holes in the tips and tail of the board make skin fixing nice and easy.
Hats off.

Over all impression

One Board does it all kind of thing. If you search for a sports car in the snowboard section then look no further. With this board, you are going to have fun in a lot of different snow conditions.
The shape plus the waight is outstanding  in performance, i personally loved touring with it very much. Doesn' t matter if you are in the forest or out in the open tarrains. Smooth riding or charging long turns. The board will be there for you! It is impossible to compare it with the old Milligram, as it is a completely different board to ride!
If the price does not rip a deep hole in your wallet than you will get the top-notch board on the market.